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This directory is in the format the OS/8 operating system uses. OS/8 can only store dates for an 8 year period so dates will be shown as 1970-1977 unless the media had a printed directory or other information find the correct date range. The length column is the number of 256-word blocks occupied by the file. The descriptions of the file contents are not part of the image contents but are generated by the web display software. They may not always be an accurate description of the file. The links below will return the file in various formats.

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Disk partition A

Name  Ext Length   Date
ABSLDR.SV     5   15-JAN-74  More  Absolute binary loader
ACTIVS.DA   250    6-AUG-73  More
BITMAP.SV     5   18-JAN-74  More  Generate map of locations used by binary file
BOOK  .      31   29-MAY-76  More
BOOT  .SV     5    5-JUL-77  More  Boot a device
BT23  .       4   14-JAN-75  More
BUILD .SV    33    (none)    More  Configure operating system
CCBTCH.TM     1    (none)    More
CCL   .SV    18    (none)    More  OS/8 command decoder
COBOL .SV    28   28-MAR-70  More
COBRT .SV    23    1-MAY-70  More
CODTBL.SV     6    1-JUL-77  More
CREATE.SV    17   15-NOV-72  More
CREATE.      70   15-NOV-72  More
CREATR.      67   23-APR-76  More
CREF  .SV    13    1-DEC-75  More  PAL8 cross reference generator
DEBTOR.SV     8    6-AUG-77  More
DIBILD.SV     5    (none)    More
DIRECT.SV     7    5-JUL-77  More  List directory
DISASM.SV    10    (none)    More
DOLLAR.       1    (none)    More
DUMPOR.SV     5    6-AUG-77  More
EDIT  .SV    10   30-AUG-73  More  Line editor
ENDDR .SV     6    3-JUL-77  More
EST1  .       8   11-MAR-70  More
EST2  .       8   11-MAR-70  More
ESTAT .       8   11-MAR-70  More
ESTRAS.       9   25-SEP-70  More
ESTRAS.LI     9   25-SEP-70  More
ESTRIS.       5   15-OCT-73  More
F4    .SV    20   22-MAY-74  More  Fortran IV Language compiler
FDESCF.MA    10   15-NOV-72  More
FIXGPD.       3   26-JAN-72  More
FIXGPD.SV     3   26-JAN-72  More
FORLIB.RL   162   22-MAY-74  More
FORMAT.SV     6   22-AUG-70  More
FOTP  .SV     8   26-JAN-76  More  File oriented transfer program
FPRT  .SV     4   27-NOV-75  More
FRTS  .SV    26   22-MAY-74  More  Fortran runtime
FTRANS.      30   14-JAN-75  More
FTRANS.SV    10    7-JAN-77  More
GDETAL.DA    60   21-DEC-70  More
GIRL  .      28    6-APR-77  More
GLMAST.MA    20   28-AUG-77  More
GSORT .S2     5   11-FEB-70  More
GSORT .S1     5   11-FEB-70  More
GSORT .SV     7   15-NOV-72  More
GSORT .      15   15-NOV-72  More
GSORTT.      14   11-FEB-70  More
H01   .S1    10    4-NOV-71  More
IMAGE .SV     4   20-DEC-73  More
INDXST.       9   18-JUL-75  More
IXSET .       6   18-MAY-71  More
IXSET .SV     7   18-MAY-71  More
KREF  .SV    12   16-AUG-77  More
LIBRA .SV    11   22-MAY-74  More  Fortran library manager
LINK  .SV    41   16-AUG-77  More
LIST  .       3   16-NOV-75  More
LOAD  .SV    15   22-MAY-74  More  Fortran IV loader
MACERR.SV    19   16-AUG-77  More
MACOVR.SV    29   16-AUG-77  More
MACREL.SV    36   31-AUG-70  More
MACROS.LI    10   29-APR-71  More
NAMES .SV     5    2-MAR-77  More
NODES .DA    60    6-AUG-73  More
NUFILE.SV     5   15-JUN-70  More
ORDMST.DA   100    2-SEP-77  More
OS8   .S1     2   11-FEB-70  More
OVRDRV.MA    17   16-AUG-77  More
OVRLAY.       2    (none)    More
P08   .S1     9   27-MAR-70  More
P08   .SV    10   16-MAR-70  More
P22   .S1     3    (none)    More
P22T  .       8    (none)    More
P23T  .       7    8-JAN-70  More
PACKOR.SV     8   13-MAR-77  More
PAIWDS.SV     5    5-JUN-76  More
PAIWDS.       6   18-JUL-75  More
PAL8  .NU    19    1-DEC-75  More  PAL8 Assembler
PAL8  .SV    16   29-MAY-76  More  PAL8 Assembler
PASS2 .SV    20   22-MAY-74  More  Compile pass called by Fortran IV
PASS2O.SV     5   22-MAY-74  More  Compile pass called by Fortran IV
PASS3 .SV     8   22-MAY-74  More  Compile pass called by Fortran IV
PERT  .      27   28-AUG-77  More
PERT  .SV    10   28-AUG-77  More
PERTX .      11   27-JUN-77  More
PFOCAL.SV    26   30-AUG-73  More  PS/8 Focal language
PIP   .SV    11    (none)    More  Peripheral interchange program
PRNODE.       2    (none)    More
RALF  .SV    19   22-MAY-74  More  Relocatable assembler/loader floating-point
RAS   .     241   10-MAR-70  More
RAS   .SV    15   23-APR-72  More
RASNU .     185   23-APR-72  More
RAST  .BK   205   23-APR-72  More
RAST  .     205    1-FEB-73  More
RAST  .BN    25    1-FEB-73  More
RASTYM.SV    21    1-FEB-74  More
RFSET .SV    23    7-DEC-73  More
RFSET2.      26    (none)    More
RXCOPY.SV     6    5-JUL-77  More  Copy RX floppy disk
SALESD.SV     6   19-MAR-77  More
SALESM.SV     5    4-JUL-77  More
SALESP.SV     7    4-JUL-77  More
SETTAB.       1   30-AUG-73  More
SORT  .      13   15-JUN-70  More  Sort ASCII file
SPLIT .SV     3   23-NOV-75  More
SRCCOM.SV     5   18-JAN-74  More  Source compare utility
STARTR.S1     3    (none)    More
STARTR.       7    4-MAY-71  More
STARTR.S2     3   27-OCT-71  More
STARZ .       1    8-JAN-70  More
TAX   .       7   17-JUL-77  More
TECO  .SV    12    (none)    More  TECO editor
TEMP  .      23   26-FEB-77  More
TEST  .BK     1    1-FEB-73  More
TEST  .S1     2    (none)    More
TEST  .       1    (none)    More
TEST  .RB     2    (none)    More
TEST11.       1    (none)    More
TEST2 .S2     2   27-OCT-71  More
TEST2 .       1    (none)    More
TRIBAL.SV     4   13-MAR-70  More
TRIBAL.S1     3   13-MAR-70  More
TT2   .       1    (none)    More

 125 Files in 2829 Blocks - 363 Free blocks

Disk partition B

Name  Ext Length   Date
ADDER .SV    13   13-DEC-73  More
ARITH .       3   15-JUN-70  More
ATOD  .SV    11   13-DEC-73  More
BJMPS .SV    11   13-DEC-73  More
BUFFER.SV    10   13-DEC-73  More
CDUMP .SV     4   15-JUN-70  More
CENTRX.SV    15   13-DEC-73  More
CLMAST.MA   125    5-JAN-70  More
CLOCK .SV    15   13-DEC-73  More
COBCRT.       3   15-JUN-70  More
COBOL .SV    28   28-MAR-70  More
CODMST.MA   200   18-MAY-71  More
CREATE.      70   15-NOV-72  More
CRMAST.MA   255   15-NOV-72  More
CSORT .SV     9   15-JUN-70  More
DDETAL.DA   160   26-JAN-72  More
DECW  .SV    14   13-DEC-73  More
DHRKDC.SV     9   19-OCT-77  More  RK8E/L RK8E FORMATTER  
DISASM.SV    10    7-MAY-77  More
DOCNUM.DA     1   29-APR-77  More
DSKFMT.SV     6   22-MAR-77  More
DUMP  .SV    12   20-DEC-73  More
EDIT  .SV    10   20-DEC-73  More  Line editor
ENTER .MU    23    1-FEB-76  More
EXMEMA.SV     9   13-DEC-73  More
EXMEMC.SV    14   13-DEC-73  More
FGCOMP.MA   300    5-JAN-70  More
FGMAST.MA    50   11-JUL-77  More
FIFTH1.MU    40    1-FEB-76  More
FIFTH3.MU    35    1-FEB-76  More
FOTP  .SV     8   20-APR-76  More  File oriented transfer program
FUGUE .MU    39    1-FEB-76  More
GDLIST.DA   300   31-MAR-70  More
GLMAST.MA    60   31-MAR-70  More
GMINOR.MU    27    9-FEB-76  More
GSORT .      15   15-NOV-72  More
HSRT  .SV    10   13-DEC-73  More
IMAGE .SV     4   20-DEC-73  More
INST1 .SV    12   13-DEC-73  More
INST2 .SV    11   13-DEC-73  More
INTP  .SV     5   13-DEC-73  More
INV210.MU     9   28-AUG-75  More
INV213.MU     9   28-AUG-75  More
MAPLE .MU    36    9-FEB-76  More
MEMA  .SV     4   13-DEC-73  More
MEMC  .SV     5   13-DEC-73  More
MEMCON.SV    10   13-DEC-73  More
MEMP  .SV     2   13-DEC-73  More
MINUET.MU    16    9-FEB-76  More
MINUTE.MU    25    9-FEB-76  More
MULTD .SV     4   13-DEC-73  More
MUSIC .SV     9   10-FEB-76  More
P22   .S1     3   27-JAN-70  More
PFAIL .SV     3   13-DEC-73  More
PI60  .DA   200    7-DEC-70  More
PIP   .SV    11   20-APR-76  More  Peripheral interchange program
PRINT .       3   15-JUN-70  More
PRMASF.MA   200   19-MAY-77  More
RAND  .SV     4   13-DEC-73  More
RASNU .     185   23-APR-72  More
RAST  .     205   23-APR-72  More
RDCA  .SV     3   13-DEC-73  More
RJMP  .SV     3   13-DEC-73  More
RJMPS .SV     3   13-DEC-73  More
RK8FMT.SV     9   13-DEC-73  More
ROMC  .SV     7   13-DEC-73  More
RTAD  .SV     5   13-DEC-73  More
STUDEN.       5   15-JUN-70  More
STUDUP.       4   15-JUN-70  More
TC01B .SV    14   21-SEP-77  More
TC01C .SV     5   13-DEC-73  More
TC01EM.SV     4   13-DEC-73  More
TC01F .SV     7   13-DEC-73  More
TC01R .SV    11   13-DEC-73  More
TD8EC .SV     7   13-DEC-73  More
TD8ED .SV    17   13-DEC-73  More
TD8EF .SV     9   13-DEC-73  More
TD8EO .SV     4   13-DEC-73  More
TTYC  .SV    15   13-DEC-73  More
UPDATE.       4   15-JUN-70  More
USA   .MU     3    5-MAR-75  More
YANKEE.MU     3   17-OCT-75  More

 86 Files in 3109 Blocks - 132 Free blocks

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